About Us

Our Firm

Established in 2002, TS Oon & Partners is a leading multi-practice law firm in Malaysia that has significant experience in assisting international companies with their foreign direct investment needs in Malaysia. Equipped with a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic team of legal professionals, we seek to provide our clients with value-added and practical solutions suited to the modern economy and an interconnected world.

Asian Expertise . Global Reach

Our lawyers work on inbound and outbound matters across and beyond the region, and these teams often include colleagues from our Singapore office, Oon & Bazul, as well as lawyers from carefully selected international law firms throughout the world. Our independence allows us to engage with the most suitable professionals in the required practice area. Our lawyers are fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa Melayu , Bahasa Indonesia, and Tamil – allowing us to bridge language and cultural barriers in major non-English speaking Asian countries.

Consistently ranked highly in leading publications, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality advice to our clients while maintaining strong working relationships with key public sector agencies and leading organisations in the private sector.

Service Standards

Good Commercial Sense: We pay attention to understanding our clients’ business, their markets, and their commercial objectives. This enables us to formulate the appropriate strategies to meet their needs in a practical and effective way.

Swift Response: We appreciate that time is often of the essence in commercial transactions as a swift response can make all the difference. As cush, our lawyers are prepared to provide round-the-clock assistance in dealing with legal issues whenever they arise.

Reasonabe Legal Fees: We provide ourselves on producing high quality work while keeping a lean agile team on each matter. This translates to reasonable legal fees for our clients. That is only possible because we hire and retain the best lawyers.

Our People

Our partners, associates, and staff come from many different cultures and backgrounds. We believe our diversity strengthens us. It allows us to intuitively appreciate the cultural differences and sensitivities of our clients and the many different environments they operate in. Our diversity gives us many cherished viewpoints that help us better understand our circumstances, recognise trends and anticipate the future. As a people organisation, we strive to provide a dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment for our people, challenging them to achieve their full potentially professionally and personally.