Oon & Bazul ranked by The Straits Times as one of Singapore’s Best Law Firms in 2022

Oon & Bazul ranked by The Straits Times as one of Singapore’s Best Law Firms in 2022

Published On: November 15, 20211.2 min read

Oon & Bazul is proud to announce that we have been featured in The Straits Times ranking of “Singapore’s Best Law Firms 2022” for the second consecutive year. The firm has been ranked in ten out of 17 categories:

S/N Ranked Categories Star Rating
1 Banking & Finance 5 stars
2 Alternative Dispute Resolution 5 stars
3 Commercial Law 5 stars
4 Conveyancing 4 stars
5 Inheritance & Succession 4 stars
6 Insolvency & Restructuring 5 stars
7 Employment Law 4 stars
8 Maritime Law 5 stars
9 Mergers & Acquisitions 4 stars
10 Real Estate Law 4 stars

Highly recommended by colleagues and clients: 4 stars

Superior amount of recommendations by colleagues and clients: 5 stars

German-based international market researcher, Statista, undertook the survey based on its research capability and established track record having done similar projects in Britain and Switzerland, among other countries. The results were evaluated from more than 12,000 recommendations received by over 6,000 lawyers, clients and colleagues. 101 law firms are listed in total.

The firm’s rankings for Banking & Finance, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Commercial law received a 5 stars ranking this year, up from 4 stars last year. We are ranked 5th overall for Alternative Dispute Resolution, and 2nd overall for Maritime Law. Conveyancing is also ranked for the first time.

Today’s results are a culmination of our relentless pursuit of talent, legal technology coupled with a firm focus on achieving optimal results for our clients. To our clients, thank you for believing in us and for being a part of our success journey. We dedicate these rankings to you.

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